To Be


Source of Inspiration

girl and puppy

Be friendly amidst the hostile
peaceful among the violent
detached yet caring
letting hatred, pride, and hypocrisy
fall away leaving only the purity
of love and light.

Utter only gentle, instructive
words filled with truth
be serene
of light
and love
be holy
be you, me, and He.

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New Zealand: Tūī

great bird!

Portraits of Wildflowers

Tui Bird on Dead Tree 4108

One of New Zealand’s best-known native birds is the tūī, Prosthermadera novaeseelandiae. I photographed this one on February 8th on the island of Tiritiri Matangi, which has been turned into a wildlife sanctuary and nature preserve.

For more information about the tūī you can check out New Zealand Birds and the similarly named but independent site New Zealand Birds Online.

© 2015 Steven Schwartzman

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The Easy Way

yo, bro!

Source of Inspiration


He who seeks the easy way
unwilling to exert when
exertion is needed
lives a wasted life
never knowing his
full potential.

Yet he who strives
can also taste disappointment
for separation from the dear
is painful, too.

So then, how shall we live?
Neither lazy or full of ambition
brings us contentment.
Can we live in detachment
from all which brings grief
and fear? Can life be filled
with contentment when
one no longer seeks to receive
having learned to bestow
as the Creator does —
with love and Light
for all who are ready
to receive?

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Phoneography Macro and Cee’s B&W Close Up


The World Is A Book...


This week, Sally is showing her “budding magnolia” photos. She captured the incredible details of the buds with her iPhone.

phoneographybadge2013008 (2)

Mushrooms like these are rarely seen in the field in this part of Texas. I was delighted to capture these three small and delicate mushrooms with my iPhone. 🙂

Take a look of Cee’s stunning closeup shots:

black-and-white logo

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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