Wow, look at us now…


Hope* the happy hugger

DSCN0590I thought I’d put some of the photos I’ve been sharing of the Goslings together here; just to show how much they’ve grown.  I suppose I should be calling them Geese now.   The original post about them and how they came to us is this post “The Little orphan Goslings.” They are spending their wings and flapping them quite a lot.  They might fly away soon and I might be very sad when they do.   It all actually reminds me of a scene in this movie “Fly Away Home” where the characters in the movie fly an aeroplane to show the geese how to fly.  Here is the soundtrack, it also has snippets of the movie. If you have the time, please watch the video.  Our Goslings also follow us around like that, they are so sweet and so lovely.  I never thought that Goslings could steal ones…

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