Phek, Nagaland, India





tufted titmouse

Tufted titmouse
Twittered from
A nearby thicket

A spring steel trap
Blued from crucible heat
Tinged, with iron oxide patches
Lie hidden under forest litter
Ready to snap shut
Inflict pain, even death
On the unsuspecting

Bulging flower buds
Oozed nectar, enticed ants
Bees crawled in sticky
Anticipation of beauty
About to burst forth
In royal splendor

–Image from Wikimedia–

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No More Complaints

Terrific color!

Source of Inspiration


Sometimes it’s hard to know
when a discussion is complaining
statements of facts
about problems in the world
not exactly complaining
yet negative in its theme.

Perhaps the key is
to focus on solutions
rather than the problems.
Otherwise, why rehash
the situation leaving
a fog of negativity
with no hope of resolution?

I’m choosing my words
carefully these days
recognizing their power
to inspire or tear down.
No more complaining
nor tales of woe;
silence or loving words
do I choose,
a world made better
by choosing to make it so.

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