SPOTTED: Taylor Swift’s Illusive Belly Button Makes Rare Public Appearance

Taylor has a cute bellybutton! Where has it been all these years?

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This is big news people. Big, big news. Why you ask? Because T-Swizzle has very openly said in the past that she doesn’t like to show her belly button, so what changed her mind?

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Finally Into The Field

Love the birds!

Jim's Assorted, Usually Photographic, Ramblings

© - Black-throated Sparrow © – Black-throated Sparrow

I finally broke my string of not getting into the field with a quick trip to South Llano River SP on Saturday.  As always, the park was marvelous and the bird photography was outstanding.

I shot first in the Agarita blind, which is a departure from my norm.  As long-time readers of this blog know, the Acorn blind is my blind of choice.  But I felt like with the new year it was a chance to change up my shooting regimen so Agarita it was.  I had wonderful luck with Black-throated Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, Black-crested Titmice, and a number of other birds.

After about two hours of shooting I did wander down to the Acorn blind and shot for about an hour. Most of the usual suspects were there, too.  A set of Inca Doves that showed up towards the end of the shoot was…

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