Prayer of Thanksgiving

Bask in their music whatever your beliefs may be–

Latter-day Soprano

Today’s song in honor of Thanksgiving is a musical prayer from the Netherlands, written in the early 1600s during the Dutch national liberation against the Catholic King Philip II of Spain. The song “Wilt heden nu treden,” [“We gather together”] resonated because under the Spanish King, Dutch Protestants were forbidden to gather for worship. The hymn first appeared in print in a 1626 collection of Dutch patriotic songs, “Nederlandtsch Gedencklanck.” It made its American hymnal debut in 1903.

Random Hymn Trivia: “Prayer of Thanksgiving” was sung at the Funeral Mass of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.


I absolutely adore singing the glorious arrangement by Nathan Hofheins written for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mr. Hofheins chose to add a beautiful fourth verse to the hymn which rounds out the theme of raising voices in praise, reminding us to not only praise using the spoken word, but also with our words of song: “and gladly our song of…

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