To Be or Not to Be . . . Cool

Why not!

Societe Anonyme Inc

Huey Lewis once said it’s hip to be square. Taylor Swift now says it’s cool to be uncool . . .

. . . or is it that it’s uncool to worry about being cool?

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Teaching kids to meditate

A great idea!

The Calm Monkey

8 year old

Many of my meditation students have instinctively brought their knowledge of meditation home to their families. That’s because they know that meditation works to cultivate more calm in their lives. Building resilience with meditation to deal with our busy lives, our busy monkey minds and the things that can bring us down in an instant – an important skill we can teach our children that will last a lifetime.

Regardless of a child’s age, meditation can be introduced with great success.  It doesn’t even need to be called ‘meditation’ at a young age. Many people have asked me how.  You can use this at any time, at bedtime or when they’re all worked up and have trouble settling down.  It’s simple:

  • get them to stop what they’re doing, then sit or lie down.
  • say ‘we’re going to listen for our breathing now’ and do this with them.
  • have them put…

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Spiritual Seeking


Source of Inspiration


Do not be in excess
with your spiritual seeking.
Be the caterpillar
singing contentedly in its cocoon.
The day will come
when the butterfly
will emerge in its splendor.

We buy one more guru,
religion, book on
how to become enlightened
in ten easy steps.
We chant, we ohm, we
twist our bodies in pretzel shapes,
all the while asking
am I there yet?

Go within and learn
the profound secret;
it is there we find
that for which we seek.

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