Worth Waiting For

Healing allows us to experience now and soon what we thought we had missed


Magic pink rhododendron flowers on summer mountain.In life we can face delays. Things we have hoped for may not have come to pass in the timing we had wanted. We can feel overlooked and neglected. The truth is the really good things in life are always worth waiting for.

When we come into relationship with the God of the universe, by accepting Jesus into our hearts, we become children of God. Our heavenly father is a good father, who is always with us, for us and our side. When we experience set backs, we can know that something better is around the corner. There are countless stories in the Bible about people who encountered delays who ultimately received their promise.

Abraham and Sarah longed for a child, and in time God gave them descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Esther longed for a husband and God gave her a legacy, that included her…

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