Try Again


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Try again
another day
renewed resolve
let failure be stepping stones
lessons on what not to do

When does determination
become hard-headedness?
Knowing when to try again
or wait for a better time
is a judgement call
made with intuitive guidance.

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My happiness does not arrive with the cessation of ?


PTSD - A Way


Happiness did not arrive with the cessation of turmoil, the elimination of challenges, the nullification of critcism, or the eradication of opponents.
In my opinion, happiness arrives when judgment, doubt, worry, anger, and unworthiness become insignificant from one breath to the next.
When my mind is empty, open, with a giving intention, happy with a big smile is near.
In tough times, happy comes when I accept me and the harsh situation without judgment.
It comes with knowing I need not flee, need not make excuses, need not judge or destroy it, it will change.
I know my happy will endure, outlast any situation or person by years, now.

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Night Fly

Healing means noticing beauty where once we saw only ugliness–the most beautiful housefly I have ever seen!

Nature's Place

P1080497-001 - Mark Berkery

P1080504 - Mark Berkery

P1080510 - Mark Berkery

P1080507-001 - Mark Berkery

Not much to report from the wilds, in fact the garden has the feel of stasis due to the recent cold. But there’s never really nothing, is there … So I do the rounds of the various nooks and crannies and what do I find but one of the great survivors, the garden fly.

This one, and a couple others, was making his bed in the flowers, literally. At sundown I would find it down on the flower’s centre while the petals would close up around it, to keep the cold and wind off. Not an unintelligent action at all.

In fact it isn’t hard to see the intelligence in any part of nature, the power animating and giving function to the form so that all the parts fit together to make the whole, of nature. It only requires the surrender of prejudice, thought.

Nature, what we are in existence…

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Healing means learning to believe that you are meant to Enjoy, not just Survive!


iStock_000016623146SmallIn life it’s easy to become discouraged. We hate to be disappointed, so we often keep our expectations low. That way if things don’t work out, we won’t be crushed because we weren’t excited about our plans in the first place.

When we come into relationship with the Glorious God of the Universe, by receiving Jesus in our heart, we become children of God. Now we can enter the throne room of our Father God anytime we want. We can go to our Heavenly Father with every need, desire, aspiration and dream in prayer.

So, we now can raise our expectations. We can ask God for more than we have ever thought possible. Once we do we can rest assured that God will bring about the desires of our heart because He is limitless, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient. Nothing is impossible with God.

We may not be able to figure out…

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Finding Your Clarity

When we grow up being told what we are seeing, it takes time to learn how to see through our own eyes and our own soul–Healing

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Lovely! Pursue Reiki!



Electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental interactions in nature, and gravitation is by far the weakest of the four interactions.
While the law of gravity is observed and obeyed by all who walk the surface of the Earth, the electromagnetism of the heart/mind remains a mystery to most.

Some Science:

Electromagnetism is the force responsible for practically all the phenomena one encounters in daily life above the nuclear scale, with the exception of gravity. Roughly speaking, all the forces involved in interactions between atoms can be explained by the electromagnetic force acting on the electrically charged atomic nuclei and electrons inside and around the atoms, together with how these particles carry momentum by their movement. This includes the forces we experience in “pushing” or “pulling” ordinary material objects, which come from the intermolecular forces between the individual molecules in our bodies and those in the objects. It also…

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