Such Beauty!!



It seemed almost cruel.  Two dark streaks raced through a field of wheat straw.  A fawn struggled to stay ahead of a pursuing coyote.  Desperate, almost, human-like, cries rang out.  It was hot and humid, with temperatures in the mid-nineties.

Down the hill charged the mother.  She’d heard the pleading cries.  Then, everything went silent.  Was the fawn still alive?  I Had to know–so I circled closer.

The doe stood still near where the coyote crouched down in the straw.  As I approached the ridge at a safe distance, something dark, that first appeared to be a trash bag, rose up and ran.

“Wiley Coyote” received more a few swift kicks from the angry mama deer.  They ran the entire length of the field until out of sight.  The contest ended with a score of, mama deer “1,” coyote “0.”  The pursuit could just as easily gone the other way.

–Photo by Craig Roberts–

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