Trauma related dissociation:::……..phobia ……

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C PTSD - A Way Out

from the book; Coping with Trauma-related Dissociation:

“A central problem for people who have a dissociative disorder is that parts of the personality avoid each other and their painful memories and experiences, or they tend to have strong conflicts with each other.
In the literature this has been described as phobia of dissociative parts.
Parts typically feel fearful, ashamed, or repulsed by other parts.
In particular dissociative parts that function in daily life want as little as possible to do with dissociative parts that are fixed in traumatic experiences.
Parts stuck in trauma-time often feel abandoned and neglected by the parts that try to move on without them in daily life”.

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One thought on “Trauma related dissociation:::……..phobia ……

  1. Your five small words made me smile, a great blog for healing, thank you, a wonderful space, a description that showers me with gratitude.

    To think my blog reaches a healing level for some is wonderful, thank you again.

    The gift, giver and receiver are all equal, I see it over and over.

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