My Thoughts as Our Summer Retreat Nears

I love these colors. Healing for me brings more colors

Tania Marie

arc breakfast The ARC welcomes you to Bimini

In just 5 and a half weeks we’ll be in the magick of Bimini again and the inner joy is building, as I envision the space being created for this gathering – not to mention I am filled with peace to return to a place dear in heart.

You are welcome to join us for our opening experience, which will be a daily indulgence of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection.

It’s a great honor and responsibility that I take to heart with gratitude, to be able to share in the journeys of each soul that allows me the opportunity to know them on deeper levels.

Yet, always the perfect group is divinely orchestrated and I’ve been getting a sense of how things are aligning with this one, as I observe the dance of energies that have been maneuvering to create the perfect…

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