Basics again, master the simple, the focus on the breath……


C PTSD - A Way Out

Mindfulness for me, is an inward exploration, a discovery of my body mechanisms, my minds desires and gyrations, a knowing of where I hold my stress, my fear, my most vulnerable feelings.
When we sit to meditate, notice any tension in the body, emptiness, reaching a no-thought space does not happen, when we are holding stress, tenseness from fear, worn out by life’s daily challenges.
We need to let go any desire to be somewhere else, or maybe be wanting to be someone else and not us, this will not fuel a mindfulness practice.
Accepting, we are exactly where we need to be in life, allows us to be grounded in this moment, in which we have devoted to healing, focusing on the breath, a journey below the ego.
Become like warm jello, loose, maybe a little wobbly, but colorfully present for focus practice.

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