Helpless? Never! — Pat’s Pondering

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Is it true that we have control over all that happens in this reality? That we can reject the illusion of helplessness, of lack? So much is being written about the power of our minds. In many ways, I have experienced the validity of this idea, yet there seems to be an inconsistency in it all. Is this a lack of understanding on my part, a lack of faith?

This I know to be true for me:

  • I am part of Infinite Source
  • Source consists of Pure Love Energy, a Divine Matrix from which all comes
  • I am guided, protected, loved
  • All that occurs is part of the Divine Plan; there is none besides Him
  • I can learn from each experience I have, each person in my life

My prayer is:

Please show me how to see past the illusions of this life. Help me to be totally aware of…

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