Happiness, is it standing up for someone getting bullied, made fun of, ridiculed…. you better believe it..

I agree–happiness means doing something meaningful

C PTSD - A Way Out

Happiness is not always packaged in smiles or has an easy feeling or appearance.
Happiness may be awkward, have elements of fear and physical defense, but how could you experience more giving than defending those who can not defend themselves.
We are not tasked with saving the world but we need to be aware and take action in our world somedays.
One of my friends growing up would see someone being bullied, taken advantage of and off he would go, it was his calling to stop the innocent from being harmed.
Now many many years later, his spirit makes me smile as I know happiness was his companion.
Instead of worrying about our self worth, an action to look out for the innocent could fill the void left by the egos desires.
We all die, those who have risked and gaveā€¦

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