Seeking Themes For My Blog and My Life

Seeking $$$ fails to fill me with Enthusiasm or Passion.   Over and over I learn this.  I hope that my own experienes with Healing–specifically from PTSD–might bring another avenue of Hope & Possibility.  

I love the color photography so easily found here on WordPress.

I wish I could articulate my wish thho discuss The Gifts of Children—as well as The Gifts of Healing from life’s trauma.

They are all related in a way I’m not able to express right now.

As a 7th  grade teacher in an urban area replete with “deficits” I agonized over how to offer constructive choices to the kids who did not adapt well to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetc.

A colleague in the Science Department started posting student art on the walls of his classroom next to large photos of each student.

His room gained warmth and cooperation and participation and respect!

How to you tell a parent that their child who invents marvellous spitball shooters has a talent??!!