Amazing colors and tones captured here!

Source of Inspiration


Am a glimmer

on a raindrop

sparkle of Light

on the sea

so tiny

yet all the world

is part of me

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Tania’s Offering of the Month – March’s Release & Renewal Special 2014

What would the world be like without butterflies? I am grateful to be able to access Reiki

Tania Marie

231634-1280x768-[DesktopNex In celebration of renewal and rebirthing energy this month, as we will be transitioning into Spring, this month’s theme special is focused on Reiki again. Reiki seems to be coming up a lot – and I mean A LOT – and it’s this month’s nudge to offer.

It also keeps in line with the theme of this month’s Reiki Renewal Retreat that is kicking off Spring Equinox on March 20th!

So, if you’re in process of moving through shifts, major transformation and cleansing release, as well as doing your own internal reorganization to empower those intents and dreams, then perhaps a little gentle, but powerful Reiki boost may be the nurturing support for you.

Reiki will help you to get rebalanced again and support calming that over-worked and over-stressed mind, while supporting more courageous action from you with energetic clarity, focus, and embrace. It can assist you with any…

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