The Trip Home: More Adventure

One of my favorite places–The Tetons–Thanks!!!

eddies and currents

Yes, I made it home from the Tetons and Yellowstone, arriving on Friday evening.  I’ve had some quiet days of processing.  I saw and experienced so much that it’s hard to know what I’m thinking and feeling after the trip.  Gratitude overlays everything else.

Car troubles were a blip on our trip’s radar screen, but I’m pleased to say that once they were resolved, it was clear sailing for John and me.

The troubles began in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.  I heard a whining in the engine.  That became a pulsing roaring accompanied by the chirping of belts.  It happened in an area that felt “bad” to me.  If you’ve read my posts along and along, you know I mention my being sensitive to energy.  Well, the energy in the Lamar Valley felt bad.  Like “I want to get out of here” bad.  So we turned around and headed…

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8 thoughts on “The Trip Home: More Adventure

  1. 1964 as a teen; 1969 as an employee of Grand Teton Lodge; 1973 where my wife and hitchhiked for our honeymoon! As an employee I used to go down on the meadow below The Lodge and follow the moose and sneak up on the beavers

  2. The Moose could jump an 8 ft fence from a standing still position. I saw the moon landing during a work break. When The Kitchen went on strike (’60’s!!) I filled in and served the entire Supreme Court–the lst public appearnace of the

  3. What wonderful (emphasis on the “wonder”) experiences you had there! Thank you for sharing them with me. Serving the Burger court, wow!! So many good memories for you.

    The Tetons have a good energy for me – make me feel happy, even on the cloudy days. And it’s hard to take a bad photo there.

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