Growing Wild!

Growing Wild!

In The Front Yard!


3 thoughts on “Growing Wild!

  1. I’m assisting now in writing grants for HawaiiOutdoorInstitute–my daughter & son-in-law’s non-profit adventure school for teens. I’m working on my songs for my 2-year-old granddaughters.
    I found an online tutoring and online biz that intrigue me. I’m using tires to create new garden spots in the back yard. I’m doing my lst NFL Fantasy League. I’m writing a 10-generation surname history. I’m back to High School Football Games. I bought my metal dectors and my camera is out. I hosted a party at our house. I got my shingles vaccine! Our BKR is nearly complete and I am accepting the Grace this offers us, without guilt. I’m planning for possible rough times. I’m watching America’s Got Talent semi-finals!! We had our lst mom-less overnight with our 2-1/2 year old granddaughter. I’m having fun recording shows for myself and also for my wife and me. I finished the softball season without major injury! I’m bicycling and
    cutting down on carbs. LIfe is pretty good!

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