Fear and Loathing inside PTSD!!!!!!!!

Beautiful p;hoto!! It conveys starkness with the tree, like PTSD in a context of a beautiful world surrounding it.

PTSD - A Way Out


Fear causes Hupervigilance, dissociation, avoidance, arousal, adrenal stress response firing to grow stronger, more powerful!!!
Fear causes us to escape, flee, dissociate from this moment of life.
PTSD fear is a bluff, delusional, unreal incapable of real damage if not given attention.
Fear is a personal body mechanism tasked with self defense, autonomous from the cognitive, conscious side of us.
Fear can be a friend, a confidant, a tool to use for exertion, for competition, working out or other worthwhile activities we choose.
Fear keeps us from placing our hand in a hot flame or walking into traffic or risking life walking to close to a steep over hang of a monstrous cliff.
Fear does not carry fear inside itself, we can be calm, focused and direct our fear for our benefit.
Try activating the flight or fight or freeze mechanism…

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3 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing inside PTSD!!!!!!!!

  1. We are safe from childhood trauma, it is so over for decades for most, incapable of power in the real world

    It is only alive in our mind, stored in the amygdala, tasked with self defense.

    Life had a stark change when I sat without thinking with my trauma fear. Not the storyline

    Trauma grows, symptoms be o e stronger, more frequent as the mind races, hurrying to flee.
    I hit bottom as agoraphobic, could not leave my house for six months.

    Now I we t to a large country fair, stuffed like sardines, a sea of humans , I felt safe calm a d at peace, enjoying people watching.

    When I healed. My true personality came forward, instead of an unworthy, quiet introvert a confidant calm extrovert emerged.

    I never imagined we could heal and grow a d grow and grow

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