Innocent Love

Oh My Golly!! Lovely!!

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innocent love1

Your fingers play a
lovely melody on my
body, your breath a
sweetness kiss I return
in kind and listen to
the music of love on
a summer’s night when
stars come out to shine
on passion, while dewdrops
make the grass and leaves
a carpet of love.

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Oh Deer!

Deer were one of Nature’s lst beauties in mY CHILDHOOD> so few are left where we used to see them1 thanks for sharing

island home


Anyone who has ever set foot on Pender Island can’t help but notice the deer. Deer are everywhere. Around every corner on every road. Eating up every garden. Leaving deer “evidence” all over your lawn. The deer thrive as the island has no predators. The deer are smaller than the ones we see at home in Alberta, and a lot less skittish. Often when you drive past them they just look up dumbly as if jumping into the path of a moving vehicle would take too much effort. As we drive the roads on the island, hitting a top speed of 50 km/h, we are constantly on the lookout for deer. The average driving conversation goes something like this: “Blah blah blah deer blah blah deer blah blah blah deer…..” You get the picture. Deer are everywhere.


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lst Haiku

There was an old lady from Frisco

Who cooked all her chicken in Crisco.

When there was non left

She turned to a theft

And now’s in San Quentin below

          –age 10, long ago


. . .still searching for a passion that will wake me up early in the morning, eager to go. . .


The Ocean’s Gift

I am drawn to Beauty here and want to participate in some way. You who have found some clarity and direction in your Passions, how did that happen? Was it obvious what you wanted to do? Did it come in tiny pieces? Did you mainly Seek it or Discover it?????

Love is The Answer

I wrote this poem many years ago, when matters of the heart and plans went awry and were my spiritual and emotional challenges. This poem was included in the United Nations’ collection of poetry for peace. Nowadays, life is sweeter because of the lessons of yesterday.

0eba4c7fe1423e168dca1e3f99c779fc (1)

When life casts its gray shadows on me

and the tests seem too much to take.

When my heart has been broken once again –

and my dreams have faded into nothingness,

the white sands of the beach is where I go.

Running past sand castles with the

hidden treasures the sands may hold –

running past lovers basking in the warmth

 of the eternal sun,

I reach for the cool embrace of the ocean’s waves.


Together we dance to the ebb and flow

of the tide of life,

and together we stand unafraid.

Woman Walks in the Golden Light by moonjazz

In the silence of the distance

the ocean’s strength…

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Our Fantasies


Source of Inspiration


We walk our
own fantasies,
worlds of what ifs,
should haves, why and
invented maybe’s. Our
minds play old reels
of movies that never
come to pass, or those
that should have been
forgotten long ago.

How do we stop the
clatter of regrets and
resentments? By focusing
our thoughts on the life
we want to have, by
envisioning our dreams of
a life filled with beauty,
peace, and love. How powerful
are our thoughts when focused.
Do not leave your mind unattended,
but rather choose to live the life
you want, one thought at a time.

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Joy of Learning

Is my Learning Joyful & Appreciated?

Source of Inspiration

eyes of wonder

There is a joy in
learning, discovering
something I never knew.
I have the world’s library
at my fingertips, the Internet
an unlimited resource.

Then there is the ever-changing
floresta, night skies filled
with spiraling universes,
so many ways to enjoy this
love of learning.

I am astounded when someone
says that they are bored. How
is it that some do not see with
eyes of wonder?

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