What are the Gifts of my “disabilities” ??

Why do we not hear of our “disabled” children being taught to recognize and nurture the Gifts of their circumstances?  It seems in our culture we try to “help” those who seem to lack one or more of the Basic Skills for “Success” in Life–why is there not a School District Giftedness Specialist who instructs teachers in how to show the “disabled” and strugglers how to find their Special Gifts?  How many Counselors and Life Coaches and Ministers are equipped and ready to help “them” find their Special Contribution that their “disability” was meant for?   If every Creation is Divine, then what is Sacred & Blessed & Special about, let’s say, Autism, or Bi-Polar, or Dyslexia, or Cerebral Palsy, or Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis?   Any thoughts?


let’s say



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