I am still using Reiki to recover from PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and Depression.  It seems to gradually release energies that have been stored and just needed a jump-start to be expelled from the DNA/the Cells.  It is new to me to listen to my body and how my feelings AND Intuition work all through my body, and not just in my head.  I’m still learning to decipher what is Healthy stress to be worked through, and unhealthy stress, to be avoided.  When I have decisions to make about activities to pursue, I want to have a better Sense of what will be good for me, and I don’t know what I can expect as far as not having to backtrack after a painful mis-step.


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  1. Since I posted, I have realized that the way I feel in my body is good feedback for making decisions. The decision-making becomes Noticing the way my Soul thinks it will be affected–does that sound like anything you have experienced before?

  2. Yep. 😉 I have been learning to listen to my body.
    I follow the information I get…connecting to parts of myself. Then having more information, I can choose how to respond…I think that is kind of what I am doing..
    I also get information from how I feel in a particular situation. ..what it feels in my body…

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