Is there Purpose in the Time it takes?

For a long time I have been applying Reiki to my Head (for PTSD) and my Chest (for stored stresses, the “favorite” spot in my body!) & I go through these cycles of Reiki, Release, Physical Symptoms, & Peace.   During Release of my stresses I have some terrific dreams.  Without Reiki I start to have the old trauma dreams that leave me with a headache and anxiety.  With Reiki I have dreams in which I am empowered, and never  a victim.  Fibromyalgia symptoms have lessened over time with the use of Reiki & Detox, after earlier deep tissue massage.   Is there a Purose in the Time this takes?

Is there something else I could be noticing, doing, or sharing?






2 thoughts on “Is there Purpose in the Time it takes?

  1. I love it that you are nurturing yourself through Reiki. They taught this in massage school, but very briefly (we watched a video and practiced on ourselves). I’d love to learn more. One thing that really seemed to help me raise my vibration was Bach floral remedies (crab apple). Right now, I’m doing a nurture routine every week that focuses on one area of my chakra system. A lot of energy got stuck in my chakras. Especially my heart, throat, sacral and solar plexus. I have only touched on the heart and throat in the past month. I make up a different routine each week where I do certain nurturing things for each chakra. So for instance I’ve been working on my throat issues this week, I tap my thyroid, do mini lymphatic massages, do ayurvedic oil pulling, SING, surround myself with blue crystals (blue is the color of the throat chakra), aromatherapy with eucalyptus oil, and drink herbal tea of licorice root, add blue foods to my diet like blueberries and grapes and express myself through intuitive art and journaling. I know this is a lot of information but maybe it will spur something creative and fun for you to do to nurture yourself too. I really believe self-nurture and self-love releases toxic energies from our system. I’m subscribed to you. Look forward to dropping by again. Hugs, Magena

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