Tropical Flowers

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Tropical Flowers – Medinilla magnifica

Yea, I found the name!

Tropical Flower   Tropical FloraTropical Flowers

Medinilla magnifica

At Wikipedia’s, I learned that, “Medinilla magnifica is a species in the genus Medinilla native to the Philippines. This species of Medinilla is more commonly known as the Malaysian Orchid, despite it not even being part of the orchid family. Various species and hybrids in this family are well-known and popular with plant collectors with M. speciosa or the Showy Asian Grape plant being found almost identical.”

Medinilla magnifica – Plant Care


  • You need to water Medinilla magnifica from the bottom:
  •  Let plant soil and roots soak in water for about 10 minutes and the allow them to drain for 1 minute.
  • In indoor areas where there is heat or air conditioning, mist the plants to offset the dryness in the air.
  • But, remember, plants get their oxygen through the roots, so don’t over water or allow…

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