I am still using Reiki to recover from PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and Depression.  It seems to gradually release energies that have been stored and just needed a jump-start to be expelled from the DNA/the Cells.  It is new to me to listen to my body and how my feelings AND Intuition work all through my body, and not just in my head.  I’m still learning to decipher what is Healthy stress to be worked through, and unhealthy stress, to be avoided.  When I have decisions to make about activities to pursue, I want to have a better Sense of what will be good for me, and I don’t know what I can expect as far as not having to backtrack after a painful mis-step.


Healing and life happens in this moment, only!!!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out


Awareness, the practice of mindfulness seems mundane, boring and frustrating because it is awkward and difficult to let thoughts fade.
The ego is constantly bombarding us with more and more emotional triggers.
We find ourselves constantly wrapped up in thought, losing focus on the breath, time after time.
It is these challenging moments that we decide to continue or quit.
It is easy to quit, to discount this practice of breath work and cease all effort.
it takes discipline, willpower, desire or heart to continue when things seem hopeless.
funny, I did not feel helpless or hopeless because my goal was all out effort.
giving total effort to my practice everyday, was enough happiness and accomplishment for me.
It was a triumph to keep up my willpower in the face of few results.
Giving up was losing, surrendering to…

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Weekly FREE distant Reiki sending 9-11 pm EST.

Enjoy Reiki!


Please share this event with friends if you are so inclined. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and will be sending FREE distant Reiki  on Thursdays starting at 9:00 PM ET.
You do not have to do anything special, be anywhere special, just be open to receive. Other Reiki Practitioners are welcome to join in the sending and of course receiving too.
Feel free to post a name on the event wall of a person, place or pet/wild animal or your wild animal pet! All are welcome!!

What is ReiKi?
Reiki is the Japanese word for “Spiritual life force energy”. Reiki is not a religion, or a new-age practice but is an ancient healing art from Japan.
Reiki practitioners do not heal, they merely act as a channel for this Life force energy.

It is also not intended to take the place of traditional medical practices, but to compliment…

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Is there Purpose in the Time it takes?

For a long time I have been applying Reiki to my Head (for PTSD) and my Chest (for stored stresses, the “favorite” spot in my body!) & I go through these cycles of Reiki, Release, Physical Symptoms, & Peace.   During Release of my stresses I have some terrific dreams.  Without Reiki I start to have the old trauma dreams that leave me with a headache and anxiety.  With Reiki I have dreams in which I am empowered, and never  a victim.  Fibromyalgia symptoms have lessened over time with the use of Reiki & Detox, after earlier deep tissue massage.   Is there a Purose in the Time this takes?

Is there something else I could be noticing, doing, or sharing?